Welcome to Shoalstone Swim Club

Welcome to Shoalstone Swim Club

Starting on Wednesday 10th July we will be launching our Shoalstone Swim Club. We will have a range of sessions run by Devon Sea Swim.  These will include:

8000-1000: Private bespoke swim teaching/coaching.

1000-1045: Shoalstone swim club with Coach Rhi of Devon Sea Swim £10

1045-1115: Front crawl master class £8. Weekly drop in sessions.

1115-1145: Heads down front crawl in seawater £40 for 4 week course. Small group.

1145-1230: Basic intro to safe open water swimming £8 in the pool or Ladybird Cove

All these will be free on the 10th. You will be able to book on the day for future sessions with Devon Sea Swim.

So come on down and join us for our 1st Shoalstone Swim Club day !!