Our fantastic volunteers

We are so fortunate to have a band of committed volunteers to help us maintain and run the pool. Without them Shoalstone Seawater Pool would have to close. Our volunteers help with the following activities:-


  • Pool cleaning: once a month off season, and more frequently in season.
  • Pool maintenance: occasional, but we always need to paint the pool before May.
  • Merchandise sales and donations: we have people collecting donations and looking after our poolside pop-up shop between June and September.
  • Events: volunteer sales people, stewards and receptionists for events in the summer.
  • Other: there are always many other things to get done, like fundraising, policies, marketing, press etc.

Become a volunteer

If you think you can help in any way we would love to hear from you.

Simply hit the button below to drop us an email and we’ll be right back in touch.