Pool Management

Shoalstone Seawater Pool is a community-run asset. The pool is managed by a charitable incorporated organisation, Shoalstone Pool CIO, with a board of trustees made up of local volunteers who manage the pool affairs in their own spare time.


The pool is managed by David Thomas our appointed Operations Manager.


The current board of trustees are:-

  • Jessica Stock (Chair, strategy, finance, personnel)
  • Anthony Heard (cashier)
  • Kim Worts (funding)
  • Rhian Manley (sea swimming)
  • Dawn Gelshinan (funding)
  • Amy Plowman (H&S, safeguarding)
  • David Cooper (operations)
  • Sarah Bell (events, marketing)
  • Sherilee Thompson (events, marketing)
  • Sue Furminger (secretary)


The trustees meet monthly in Brixham and can be contacted via info@shoalstonepool.com

Pool Strategy

We are currently working to our 10-year strategy, “Surviving to Thriving”, developed in May 2020.

Our overall vision for Shoalstone, as per our Charity Constitution, is:


To promote, for the benefit of the public, the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation, and in particular facilities for participation in swimming and other similar sports, for the public at large in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving their conditions of life.


The vision is built upon 8 pillars:

  • The pool will be accessible to all providing a safe and welcoming environment
  • The physical infrastructure of the pool and surrounds will be protected against changing climatic and environmental conditions
  • The marine environment around the pool will be protected and enhanced
  • The natural atmosphere and openness of the site will be preserved, as a unique part of Torbay
  • The heritage and history of the pool will be protected, preserved and documented
  • The pool will be an independent and financially viable operation
  • The pool will be seen as an integral part of the local and tourist community of Brixham and South Devon throughout the year
  • The work we carry out will mean that Shoalstone pool will be thriving facility, enjoyed by everyone who visits for generations to come

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As well as the revenue generated on site, the pool is supported by the various fundraising events and activities that are held throughout the year.


The fundraising  helps to pay for annual cleaning, painting and recommissioning, and also helps to build a contingency fund to pay for repairs in the event of a major storm.


Keep an eye on our What’s On page to see the upcoming events.  All funds go towards the upkeep of the pool.  Also, please support the pool by becoming a member of the Friends of Shoalstone Seawater Pool or by making a donation. Every little helps!

Policy Documents

The trustees administer a number of policy documents related to the pool. These can all be found at the links below.