Friends of Shoalstone Seawater Pool

The Friends of Shoalstone Seawater Pool

Shoalstone Seawater Pool is a community-run asset managed by Shoalstone Seawater Pool CIO, Registered Charity Number 1195879. Shoalstone Seawater Pool CIO is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) consisting of a board of volunteer trustees and an active membership support group, the Friends of Shoalstone Seawater Pool.


The Friends of Shoalstone Seawater Pool help the pool immensely and promote community engagement and participation. Becoming a member of the Friends of Shoalstone Seawater Pool also means:


  • You will be able to vote on key Charity decisions as part of this member-based organisation
  • You can proudly say that you are an official supporter of the pool and be part of its amazing community
  • You can make an annual donation
  • You will be the first to receive quarterly e-newsletters and advance information on upcoming events.


The Friends of Shoalstone Seawater Pool Annual Membership costs just £20. A Friends of Shoalstone Seawater Pool Lifetime Membership costs just £250 and you get a special mention on our Lifetime Members Board situated poolside.


    A Brief history of the original FoSP (Friends of Shoalstone Pool)

    The original Friends organisation was formed as a voluntary organisation in 2004 after Torbay Council advised that they could no longer afford to support the Pool. After a public meeting, a decision was taken to create a working party led by Rowan Molesworth to look at keeping the Pool open. This subsequently became “The Friends of Shoalstone Pool” who campaigned and fundraised tirelessly to keep the pool open.


    When Shoalstone Seawater Pool Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) was formed in 2021, it made sense for us all to operate under the same umbrella. Therefore, the original Friends group become part of our new single organisation dedicated to the upkeep and development of Shoalstone Seawater Pool.


    We must recognise the incredible work and dedication of the Friends over the years. Without them the pool would have fallen into disrepair. Their tenacity in fundraising and campaigning is an example to us all and we’re proud to have them join us in the journey going forward, making us bigger, better and stronger.

    About the Friends

    Over the years the Friends have organised so many successful fundraising events: The Lympstone Military Wives Choir Concert,  Coffee mornings, Quiz nights, Mid-Summer Fete, Shoalstone Ahoy Concert, Garden Parties, Fashion Show, Beetle Drive, to name just a few.


    If you’d like more information about our membership, please contact: